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Integrity at Work emphasizes the importance of the principle of integrity in wealth management. The author defines integrity as a complete value system and explains how it is the foundation for sustainable success. 

Chapter 1: Ideal Advisor + Ideal Client = Ideal Relationship

Chapter 1 discusses the importance of having a true wealth advisor who provides more value than just portfolio guidance only along with performance figures. A holistic view of a client's entire financial picture is essential.

Chapter 2:  FORM and Return on Life

Chapter 2 of the book "The Wealth of Wisdom" discusses the importance of the FORM formula in wealth management. FORM stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money. 

Chapter 3: The WealthTrac FORMula™

Chapter 3 introduces the WealthTrac FORMula, in detail and describes the comprehensive process that is designed to provide clients with a panoramic perspective on their financial plan. The formula is composed of eight foundational pillars: portfolio management, income planning, liability analysis, tax awareness planning, risk management, estate and legacy planning, philanthropy, and value-added services. 

Chapter 4: The Power of Collaboration

Chapter 4 of the book emphasizes the importance of collaboration in financial planning. Many clients have a group of trusted advisors who specialize in specific areas such as law, accounting, insurance, and banking, but often they work independently without discussing the overall picture.

Chapter 5:  Accumulation, Distribution and Retirement Income

Chapter 5 discusses the importance of retirement planning and income distribution. The accumulation phase is the income-producing years when a person works and contributes to their investment and retirement accounts while generating a steady stream of earned income. 

Chapter 6:  Service, Service, Service

Chapter 6 emphasizes the importance of service, maintenance, and monitoring to ensure that the WealthTrac FORMula process remains fluid and dynamic enough to evolve as the client progresses through different stages of their financial life. The chapter stresses the need for the advisor to understand and appreciate how to help the client chart their course to financial success as well as preserving that same success. 

Chapter 7:  Client Community

Chapter 7 discusses the importance of building a community of ideal clients that share values and attitudes. The authors believe that the ideal clients are not only defined by investable assets, but also by their willingness to improve their situation and those around them.

Chapter 8: Roadmap Checklist to Financial True North

Chapter 8 of the book outlines a Roadmap Checklist to Financial True North, which can be used to determine whether your current or potential wealth advisory firm is meeting the standards of comprehensive advice. 

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